Business agreement for commercialization of big data
bio-information analysis infrastructure for precision medical care


Insilicogen announced a collaboration with Dell Technologies and Intel to develop a bio-information big data analysis infrastructure for precision medicine, with a focus on genomic research and analysis.


Insilicogen is developing appliances based on the Intel Select Solution for Genomics Analytics, using systems from Dell Technology designed to efficiently run analysis software packages used in the areas of bioinformatics and genomic research. The systems are designed to improve genomic analysis processes by providing customers with standardized infrastructure platforms optimized with the BROAD Institute’s Genome Analysis Toolkit (GATK), a mutation analysis tool.


Intel and BROAD Institute codeveloped the Intel Select Solutions for Genomic Analytics to provide workload-optimized Intel-based configurations that take full advantage of the GATK genomics best practices.  This will make it easier and faster for customers to build an optimal bio-information analysis environment, enabling them to work closely with bio-medical business partners to solve difficult problems.  


Dell Technologies emphasized the importance of the collaboration by highlighting the business engagement with Insilicogen. As a major supply partner of Intel based systems, Dell has worked closely with Insilicogen in the areas of bioinfomatics consulting and optimization by supplying specialized servers and storage systems for genome analysis and infrastructure systems used by Korean medical bio-information customers.


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