Insilicogen, Inc., which started by burying a small seed called BI (Bioinformatics) in the ground, will grow into a company that communicates with customers
through various communication channels and contributes to human health and happiness in organic relation with the bio industry.


We will keep growing our business with continuous change and creation.

  • 2020

    01 Selected as youth-friendly company in 2020
  • 2019

    01 Signed MOU on building the ecosystem of healthcare healing convergence business
    (Gangneung Science & Industry Promotion Agency)
    04 Proceeded a workshop on animal genetic big data platform based on IncoGWAS at the Rural Development Administration and National Institute of Animal Science.
    (Opened Event)
    11 Registered domestic patent for a target gene screening method and device
    for multi-omics data and survival analysis
    12 Received a certified award from Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
  • 2018

    03 Signed MOU on building a customized service platform based on big data
    (Kwangdong Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.)
    12 Received a certified award from Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
    (Business on building National Fisheries Biointegration System)
  • 2017

    03 Selected as a sincere taxpayer in the year of 2017
    08 Selected as BEST Service Company by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
    11 Registered trademark iF(INSILICO FOOD)
  • 2016

    02 Awarded excellence in management of military manpower
    by Small and Medium Business Administration
    07 Developed trait-chemical network-based model
    for providing personalized trait-specific dietary information
  • 2015

    01 Certified Jiangsu Enterprise by Ministry of Employment and Labor 09 Daejeon branch expanded 10 Organized Hanwoo Genome Symposium
    (sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Technology
    Planning and Evaluation, Gyeongsangbuk-do)
    11 Capital increase to 200 million won 12 人CoFLEX open
  • 2014

    01 Genetic analysis of pepper genomic sequence 'Nature Genetics'
    (co-authored by the next generation bio green 21 conducted
    by the Rural Development Administration)
    03 Research and development service registered 08 Selected as a promising company for public data 12 Moved to Heungdeok IT vally
  • 2013

    07 KinMatch™ (DNA search) patent registered 10 Selected as Special Researcher (Alternative military service) research center
    by military manpower administration
    11 Korea Food Research Based on the historical and scientific evidence of traditional foods, ICT fusion contents contents utilization system and information standardization project
    (bio big data business)
  • 2012

    01 Ontle™ (Web-based Ontology Editing) patent registered 11 Signed academic exchange agreement
    (Yeungnam University, Hanyang University, Chungbuk National University,
    Chonbuk National University, Sungkyunkwan University, Sangmyung University)
  • 2011

    01 Ontle™ (Web-based Ontology Editing) international patent registered 01 Signed Memorandum of Understanding to cultivate bio information talent
    (School of Life Systems, Soongsil University)
    06 Selected as a management innovation certification company 12 Selected as a technology innovation business by Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  • 2010

    01 Analysis of single base mutation by genomic sequence analysis of Hanwoo genome
    (Yeungnam University, Department of Animal Science, Chungbuk National University,
    Insilicogen, Inc., CLC bio A / S, Solgent)
    03 Third party Plant Genomics signed MOU
    (Insilicogen, Inc., CLC bio A / S, Seoul National University)
    05 Participated in establishment of LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)
    for Livestock Products Quality Assurance Service
    09 Order of bioinformatcs analysis service of SNP marker
    of National Horticultural Research Institute
    12 Registered Glter® trademark
  • 2009

    02 registered LabKM® trademark 05 Develop 6.25 Identification of transcriptionist gene information
    for Ministry of National Defense Inspection Headquarters
    10 Established Daejeon branch
  • 2008

    04 Selected as the supervising organization to participate in the National Research Project of the Ministry of Environment
    (Establishment of environmentally harmful substance-genome knowledge base and development of technology based on semantic, 2008 ~ 2010)
    05 Moved to Suwon Advanced Venture Valley Office 06 Signed MOU with Biomax Informatics AG to form a joint research project and technical cooperation 07 Received order for the development of genetic DB analysis tool for early detection of mycobacterial pathogens 09 National Research Institute for Cultural Properties
  • 2007

    06 Certified R&D center, Insilicogen, Inc as a research institute 07 Received a grant from the National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology
  • 2006

    02 Joint research on the development of alternative materials for malachite green derived
    from natural materials
    06 Received an order to build an animal genome information system for the National Livestock Research Institute (formerly Livestock Research Institute)
  • 2005

    08 Established Insilicogen, Inc, a bioinformatics consulting corporation
  • 2004

    10 Established Insilicogen, Inc. (distribution business)