Grow With Insilicogen
People of 人Co discover new values and spread new cultures on the basis of creative and positive minds.


Welfare Policy

人Co implements various welfare policies for 人Co employees to enjoy a healthy working environment.
Physical Examination Biannual physical exams provided at local hospital, clinic or medical examination agency
Club Activity Supports club activities for common hobbies or 人Co employees’ health
Paid Leaves and Congratulatory/Condolence Leaves Provides paid leaves and congratulatory/condolence leaves
Prizes for Long-term Employees Give a month paid-recovery vacation or a 18K Gold Key for long-term employees
Family Occasions (Events) Supports various congratulatory or condolence occasions for 人Co employees
Library System Provides library for 人Co employees’ refinement and studying
Parking Parking fee granted for 人Co employees’ parking
Execution of a Government Policy for Young Adults Support of transportation fee for young adults


It provides a training system for 人Co employees to deal with changes and competition, and also to develop work skills and personal refinement.
Leadership Training Team Leader level leadership training (outsourced)
Entry Level Training Basic common OJT
Competence Training Training to strengthen competence on the job
Internal Seminars Biology information related seminars
Various program seminars

Office Environment

Provides an office environment to 人Co employees for a pleasant office life.
Cafeteria A place for breaks and casual meetings
Gwanggyo Lake Park A clear view of the lake and night scenery
人CoFLEX A place for flexible thinking and teamwork
For various training, seminars, and workshops


人Co employees seek new value on the foundation of a creative and positive mindset, and create our own core values to become a company that realizes dreams by developing new cultures.
WiKi System Wiki is our intranet for collaboration
Communication Channel Communication via blog and SNS
Environmental Campaign Strong bonds with plants
CultureDay A culture day to enhance intellect and sensibility
Self-sustained Growth Continuous improvements through seminar, blog, publishing, and reading
Health Enhancement Health protector for a sound body and mind
Competition for Team Building 人CoPLAY and team competition to grow team mindset
Collective Knowledge Creation 人CoDOM, a channel for sharing biological information