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Together with the highly skilled foreign and domestic professionals, we provide you with fast, reliable, personalized Bioinformatics services.

Insilicogen, Inc. is the professional Bioinformatics company. We establish a methodology and communicate for the needs and purposes of the customers. In this time, Next Generation Sequencing(NGS) is the generalized technology in the wide range of the omics study like Genome, Transcriptome, and Variant analysis.

Insilicogen, Inc. supports the customer who is in trouble with the interpretation and analysis of the NGA data with the highly skilled 60 specialists from the data production to the customized analysis.


  • FIT


Variant analysis (WES, Targeted)
Gene expression profile (RNA-seq)
Gene set enrichment analysis
Biomedical Genomics Workbench
Ingenuity Variant Analysis
Ingenuity Pathway Analysis


Functional variant analysis
Gene expression profile (RNA-seq)
CLC Genomics Workbench
Pathway Studio


Gene structure and function annotation
Gene expression profile (RNA-seq)
16srRNA Taxonomy analysis
CLC Genomics Workbench
CLC Microbial Genomics Module


  • Customized


De novo transcript assembly
Digital Gene Expression profiling
DEG/Pattern analysis
GSEA analysis
Pathway analysis
Association study between promoter and transcript
DEG functional analysis
Single Cell RNAseq


Genome size estimation
De novo genome assembly
Repeat elements analysis
Ab initio gene prediction
Evidence gene modeling
Protein gene function prediction
Promoter prediction
Gene family analysis
Phylogenetic tree analysis
Linkage map construction using GBS data


Potential SNPs analysis
Potential SSRs analysis
Population decision marker
Trait/breeding marker
Hereditary/disease associated SNP marker
Population structure analysis
Selective sweep analysis
Genomic selection analysis
Effective population size analysis
GWAS analysis
Marker development based on Machin leaning


Epigenome analysis based on array/sequencing
Methylation/histone mark/miRNA analysis
Long non-coding RNA marker discovery
DMR and pattern analysis
GSEA and pathway analysis
Comprehensive analysis of expression & regulation

  • Representative Case

    • Initial response on protein medicine in human PBMC
    • Transcriptome profiling for human sepsis
    • Human brain tumor & senescence transcriptional association study
    • Transcriptome and Pathway analysis on the ‘Korean beef’
    • Genetically modified mouse(GEM) RNA-sequencing
    • Discovery marker from Equus ferus caballus Transcriptome analysis
    • Comparative transcriptomics between two Haliotis discus subspecies
    • De novo transcript assembly of Frankliniella occidentalis
    • piRNA/miRNA/small RNA Expression profile of Chicken
    • Establishment of the EST information of Korean domestic canine
    • Transcriptome analysis and discovery of novel AMP on Scolopendra subspinipes
    • Discovery novel AMP and transcriptome analysis on the cockroach
    • De novo transcriptome and DEG/pathway analysis on Valeriana fauriei
    • De novo transcriptome and functional DEGs/pathway analysis on the grass
    • Leaf color gene expression profile on the rice
    • Gene expression profile of the radiation effect on Arabidopsis thaliana
    • Panax ginseng ESTs analysis
    • De novo transcriptome assembly and DEG analysis on the Bostrychia
    • Gene expression profile of Pleurotus ostreatus by developmental stage
    • Gene expression difference between asexsual and sexual reproduction of the Fusarium sp
    • 4 fishes genome project (Hypomesus nipponensis, Theragra Chalcogramma, Platichthys stellatus, and Amphiprioninae)
    • Powdery mildew mtDNA analysis
    • Development of liquid biopsy NGS pipelines and clinical reporting system
    • Seawater/Freshwater Bivalvia genome project
    • Haliotis discus hannaigenome analysis
    • Trombiculidae, factor of Scrub typhus, genome analysis
    • Coturnix japonica genome analysis
    • Mink whale genome analysis
    • Analysis of the genomic sequence and variant of Chili pepper
    • Cabbage genome analysis
    • Gracilariopsis chorda(red algae) genome analysis
    • Gelidium vagum(red algae) genome analysis
    • Laver genome analysis
    • Undaria genome analysis
    • Xylaria(fungi) genome analysis
    • Cochliobolus miyabeanus(Brown spot disease) genome analysis
    • Phellinus linteus(Fungi) genome analysis
    • Comparative genomics among Fusarium subspecies
    • Oplegnathus fasciatus, Sebastes schlegelii, Pagrus major and Chelon haematocheilus genome analysis
    • Scolopendra subspinipes genome analysis
    • Discovery of the genetic factor and mechanism for Papaver petal color
    • Comparative genomics for HIV
    • Identification of prediction markers for Platycodon grandiflorus
    • Discovery early diagnostic markers of degenerative disease of a house dog
    • Korean breast cancer WES analysis
    • Discovery breed-classification markers of Chestnut
    • Haliotis discus hannai(abalone) population study
    • Undaria pinatifida population study
    • Discovery Functional Gene and variant on ‘Korean beef’
    • Variant analysis among Traditional chicken strains
    • Coturnix japonica variant analysis among subspecies
    • Caenorhabditis elegans comparative genome analysis using variants
    • Methylation/mRNA/miRNA chip analysis on the breast and stomach cancer
    • Variant analysis on Rice strains and discovery novel gene
    • Cabbage SNP marker selection
    • Variant analysis among Chili pepper strains
    • Discovery of the strain identification marker of Lettuce
    • Discovery of the origin identification marker of milk vetch root
    • Discovery of the species identification marker of Bruicella
    • Epigenetic response for heat stress in Haliotis discus hannai
    • The multi-omics analysis on ‘Korean beef’ (RNA/MBD-seq)
    • The multi-omics analysis to discover a genetic effect of the Chinese medicine (RNA/Epic850k)
    • Cancer Stem Cell(CSC) Histone CHIP-seq analysis
    • Mouse WGBS analysis