Insilicogen, Inc., which started by burying a small seed called BI (Bioinformatics) in the ground, will grow into a company that communicates with customers
through various communication channels and contributes to human health and happiness in organic relation with the bio industry.


AI (Artificial Intelligence) drives Bioinformatics

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Insilicogen contributes more than 60% on interpreting and saving bio-big-data yielded in South Korea. Continuous communication within a large amount of data moved our steps toward AI, which grounds data modeling, machine learning, deep learning. The advanced technology of Insilco made AI possible to find the cause and the solution of diseases, seek seeds of new function and develop personalized food. The future of Bio AI would be an unreachable virtual reality to the most of groups who don’t have sufficient experiences and understanding of utilizing collected, computed bio-big-data. For almost 20 years, we, 人Co, persistently stayed in one industry, which is Bioinformatics. By applying AI to Bioinformatics, we will introduce never-reached, enormous changes in the Insilco. With these changes and innovations, 人Co will contribute on the new value that BI is ultimately pursuing. As always, insillicogen will put people in the center of our business and keep moving forward for our dreams. Insilicogen CEO, Namwoo Choi.