We will provide various contents suit for new era.


Education Program which 人Co makes is the driving force of Bioinformatics growth.

For the latest bioinformatics education demanded from domestic research institute, we provide onsite human resource trainings and the best bioinformatic solution to develop their skills required for biological research and development.

Insilicogen has experts in various fields, such as data processing, genomics & transcriptomics analysis, and programming. With the help of experts, we come up with a suitable curriculum for our target-education group and have the best educational results.

  • Education


We hold on/offline seminars regularly to
help your research by
discovering various USE CASE
using Bioinformatics solutions.


We can give you to
strengthen analysis ability through
short-term exercise-based training using
Bioinformatics Solutions, and
Can visualize the latest Bioinformatics trend.


We can provide the opportunity to
understand the basic concepts of organized life and Bio-R&D through
work experience in Insilicogen,Inc.
with bioinformatics training talented individuals.


As Online Education center, We can support the
bioinformatics analysis easily by providing
various education contents using
bioinformatics software.

Next Generation Bioinformatics Education Workshop

As a next-generation bioinformatics
education workshop conducted by the
National Center for Biomedical
Research and Information (KOBIC),
it covers general contents about bioinformatics.

Genomic Data
Analysis Training

We collaborate with the Korea
Biotechnology Industry Organization
to conduct bioinformatics education
to cultivate experts in the field
of genome data analysis based
on industry field demand.

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