new era for bioinformatics
We will provide various contents suited for the new era.


Our education programs drive the growth of Bioinformatics.

For the latest bioinformatics education demanded from domestic research institute, we provide onsite human resource trainings and the best bioinformatic solution to develop the skills required for biological research and development.

Insilicogen has expertise in various fields, such as data processing, genomics & transcriptomics analysis and programming. With the help of experts, we come up with a suitable curriculum for our target-education group and provide the best educational results.

Operation of Offline Education and Online Education Platform


Basic educational program for Bioinformatics

Education on utilizing
Bioinformatics solution and its theory


Personalized education for the enhancement of
Bioinformatic analysis

Provide example-based education
for the work


Program for educating prospective bioinformaticians

Provide opportunities
to understand a basic concept of research development
and life in the company via practices


Online education center

Provide various educational contents
using Bioinformatics solutions
and support Bioinformatics analysis

Next Generation Bioinformatics Education Workshop

Collaborate with the KOBIC to provide researchers with basic concepts of bioinformatics through online education centers

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