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Lead knowledge informatization by blowing life into information and put it into the system.

Insilicogen's System Integration(SI) business provides the latest BIO DB management and analysis solutions that researchers need based on 20 years of experience in building and analyzing biometric information systems, making it easier and more convenient to produce useful data and analyze large amounts of biological information data.

Insilicogen will always work in all areas that require basic genetic resource management, such as species, genes, and samples, laboratory information management, omics data and large-capacity data analysis and management, and even data-breeding to develop new varieties using big data and artificial intelligence.

System Integration (SI)

Bioinformatics Analysis System

The Buildings of the Analysis & Design System
drawing the best results that user wants
the analysis programs The Buildings of the customized and
optimized Analysis · Design System based on
many years of Bioinformatics analysis
consulting experience
The Buildings of various analysis platform from
simple sequence management to
bulks of omics data management · analysis system

Database for Biological Resource

The Buildings and
Application Bioresource database
optimized in user requirements
The buildings of Data mining system and
metadata management of bioresource
The Buildings of shared platform for
opening · sharing · communicating
and cooperating

Information Management System

Lifecycle Management from generating data to application
The Data Record management using bioinformatics analysis technique such as biological information, experiment information, object information
Improve reliability of data career information using bioinformatics analysis technique

Representative Case

Construction of an Integrated Information System
  • [Centers for Disease Control & Prevention]Clinical Omics Data Archive(CODA)
  • [National Institute of Agricultural Sciences] Agricultural biotechnology-information system(NABIC)
  • [National Institute of Fisheries Science] Establishment of national fisheries biological zone integration system
  • [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute] Standardization of food and quarantine radiation response data and establishment of management system
  • [Gangneung Science & Industry Promotion Agency] Building a personalized healthcare service platform
  • [Korea Food Research Institute] A project to upgrade the integrated food system for providing information on healthy food based on the safety convergence content of Korean food (KFRI)
  • [National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage] Ancient genetic information system
  • [National Institute of Animal Science] Livestock genetic resource total management system
  • [National Institute of Animal Science] Animal genetic information system
  • [National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage] Ancient human bone traits integration information system
Omics Analysis and Management System Development
  • [National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage] Ancient life genetics big data DB system
  • [KISTI] Web-based multi-omics integration analysis interface
  • [KISTI] Next-generation bio research analysis technology for International cooperation research support
  • [KISTI] User-customized next-generation genetics data integration analysis system
Genetic Resource Management and DB Development
  • [Centers for Disease Control & Prevention] Integrated database construction of Kor-GLASS
  • [Ministry of Food and Drug Safety] Food poisoning bacteria integration information DB system
  • [Centers for Disease Control & Prevention] Virus gene DB acceleration
  • [Centers for Disease Control & Prevention] Food poisoning virus surveillance operation system and genetic analysis module development
  • [Centers for Disease Control & Prevention] Nervous system virus gene DB function improvement and extension
  • [Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency] Genetic variation management system
  • [National Institute of Fisheries Science] Marine life single nucleotide information management system
  • [Centers for Disease Control & Prevention] System for real-time acute diarrhea disease-causing agent DB operation
  • [Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency] Genetic analysis results and DB management system
  • [National Institute of Fisheries Science] Life resources integration DB
  • [National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage] Ancient human skeleton Y-SNP and ancient life genetic information DB system
  • [Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology] Genetically modified mouse data collecting computing system
Record Management System Development
  • [Shinan-gun, Jeollanamdo] Production traceability management system for Shinan Bay salt prestige
  • [Namwon Environmentally-Friendly Black Pork Cluster Enterprise Organization] Environmentally-friendly Gowon black pork record management tracking system
  • [Hankyong National University] Evergreen Hongcheon Korean-beef RFID record information management system
  • [Korea Institute for Animal Products Quality Evaluation] Smart beef record system advancement
  • [Chonnam National University] Green Korean-beef population management system
  • [Hankyong National University] Jangsu country population management system
Bio-bank System
  • [VHS Medical Center] Establishment of BioBank and genetic information management system
Analysis and Development of a Large Volume of DB
  • [KISTI] Integrated analysis system for biodegradable network big data
  • [Agency for Defense Development] Unknown agent integrated verification system
  • [KISTI] Alzheimer data network navigation program and integrated analysis platform
  • [KISTI] Astronomical space data analysis cloud user interface
  • [KISTI] Protein interaction and computer simulation integration management system
  • [KISTI] Interface for managing virtual cluster
  • [KISTI] Resource management portal system for brain imaging information extraction application analysis
  • [National Marine Biodiversity Institute of Korea] National marine fishery resources genetics information management system
Genetic Inspection System Development
  • [Ministry of the Interior and Safety] Compulsory mobilization victim DNA identity validation DB
  • [Ministry of Unification] Genetic information of separated families DB
  • [KISTI] Web-based multi-omics integrated analysis interface
  • [Korea Institute for Animal Products Quality Evaluation] Beef-record laboratory information management system
  • [Criminal Investigation Command] Genetic information identification system of fallen soldiers from the Korean War
  • [National Forensic Service] Genetic information search system for finding missing children
Sample Management and Genetic Barcode
  • [National Institute of Biological Resources] Wildlife integrated genetic information system
  • [National Institute of Fisheries Sciences] Marine life sample-securing DB and management system
  • [Chungnam National University] Marine life resource donation registry agency Integration management system
  • [RDA-Genebank Information Center] Agricultural genetic resources barcoding system

System screen examples