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In the process of transforming data into knowledge, our AI assist you.

In Bioinformatics, Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role. Through machine-learning, we discover unknown matters. Recently, persistent technological advancements of big data and deep-learning elevate the possibility.

AI technology unveils and discovers meanings and values of complicated data not only from multi-omics but also from documents, videos, and networks.

Insilicogen’s AI technology handles character data, sequential data, video imaging, and unstructured big data to discover hidden knowledge and implements techniques such as structuring, interconnecting, machine-learning, feature selection, and extraction to support integrated understanding.

Artificial Intelligence - AI Voucher Supply Company

IncoRecom Artificial Intelligence Recommender System

Beyond the existing collaborative filtering and content-based filtering, we provide a solution that customizes products in the company based on the latest recommendation system that combines existing machine learning and deep learning technique. We suggest optimal recommendation results to achieve the target indicator based on product meta-information, customer meta-information, and target indicator information. The recommender system applies in various fields such as product recommendation as well as content preference.

  • Wide & Deep Learning for Recommender System
  • Deep FM
  • AutoRec
  • KGCN
IncoCV Image Detection, Segmentation, and Classification

We can apply the latest deep learning algorithms that detect objects from the image in real-time and divide the significant areas from the image by using segmentation technology. Additionally, we generalize the images in various ways through computer image preprocessing technology to apply the latest deep learning algorithms with the highest accuracy possible. For data labeling, we have a technology that provides an interface for image area labeling for automatic area recognition.

  • OpenCV
  • Image Detection (YOLO v3)
  • Image Classification
  • Image Segementation (U-Net)
Semantic Modeling

Through semantic modeling, we integrate the clients' complex data and open sources for continuous data accumulation and creation, and find insight.

Machine Learning

Analysis of data structure and reduction of dimension

Data refinement, transformation and preprocessing

Feature selection and extraction

An optimized machine-learning model Development and assessment

Deep Learning

Extract feature map using DNN and create a deep-learning model by applying architecture

Biological data related text sequence, Images, Videos, natural language processing for predictable categorization and assessing accuracy

Tailored Knowledge

Visualize web-based analysis results

Provide data result of real-time dynamic programming, which is available online

Web application and mobile app development

Development of artificial intelligence and analysis algorithms at mobile edge

Representative Case

Research project
  • [Korea Institute for Animal Products Quality Evaluation] Establishment of a mechanized quality evaluation system for Korean beef based on artificial intelligence
  • [D.iF] Food object detection and classification by deep learning
  • [National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage] Establishment of machine learning model to predict termite damage of wooden cultural heritage
  • [Korea Institute for Animal Products Quality Evaluation] Beef quality estimation by image analysis(Deep Learning) and machine learning
  • [National Institute of Animal Science] Maker selection for degenerative disease by machine learning
  • [National Institute of Fisheries Science] Development of machine learning model for prediction of high temperature tolerance for abalone
  • [Ministry of Environment] Construction of environmentally hazardous material-genomics knowledge-based and Development of semantics-based technology
  • [Ministry of Environment] Excavation of indicators for heavy metal toxicology using toxicogenomics
  • [Food Industry Technology Support Center] Coordination analysis among health function, culture, excellence geographic location of korean food and korean food ingredient
  • [Korea Food Research Institute] Traditional food semantics database construction and analysis program
  • [Korea Food Research Institute] Construction of semantics database and korean food specialized ontology
  • [Pusan National University] Construction of anti-aging molecular network of aging Database
  • [Korea Food Research Institute] Development of INSILICO Food pilot system through the integrated analysis of food information
  • [KwangDong] Development of iF DB based dry complex system DB and h-pilot system
Patent and Program Registration
  • [Patent Registration 10-2118103] Method for measuring the fineness of marbling using ribeye image of Korean beef
  • [Patent Registration 10-2067076] Biomarker composition for prediction or diagnosis of canine patellar lunation
  • [Patent Application 10-2019-0023081] Biomarker composition for diagnosing lung cancer comprising peptide nucleic acid
  • [Patent Application 10-2019-0025109] High sensitive genetic variation detection and reporting system based on barcode sequence
  • [Patent Application 10-2019-0155754] Biomarker composition for prediction or diagnosis of canine degenerative Diseases
  • [Patent Registration 10-1107582] Web-based ontology editing operation system
  • [Program Registration 2011-01-121-005389] Smart-TGM heavy metals toxicity-index excavating tools
  • [Program Registration 2011-01-129-001569] WeightViz by weight visualization tool
  • [Program Registration C-2014-030421] Personal genomics-based obesity risk computing program
  • [PCT Application pct110125] Web-based ontology editing operation system
  • [Patent Application 10-2014-0163505] Customized personal traits dietary ingredients for information character-chemical agent network system and providing methods
  • [Patent Application 10-2014-0170397] Personal genomics-based obesity risk analysis system and method
  • [Patent Application 10-2015-0156844] Customized food information recommendation system considering personal genotype and phenotype information
  • Semantic Data Integration for Toxicogenomic Laboratory Experiment Management Systems. Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences, 2011
  • Semantic Data Integration to Biological Relationship among Chemicals, Diseases, and Differential Expressed Genes. Biochip Journal, 2011

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