Insilicogen, Inc., which started by burying a small seed called BI (Bioinformatics) in the ground, will grow into a company that communicates with customers
through various communication channels and contributes to human health and happiness in organic relation with the bio industry.


We aim for a creative organizational culture that ensures horizontal communication and diversity.

  • DSC (Data Science Center)

    Bioinformatics, beyond the level of data analysis in Biology, requires a greater sense of data science. It is recognized as big data by integrating with other dimension data such as literature, image, network as well as multi-omics, and is making practical value by artificial intelligence and machine learning. DSC provides practical values for the basic science, medical science, plant/animal breeding and microbiome. We provide integrated data science services from professional consulting to data analysis and platform development.

    RDC (R&D Center)

    Excellent Research Institute for Special Researcher (alternative military service) Designated by Military Manpower Administration In order to solve the biological issue, we are trying to approach the semantic interpretaion based on biological knowledge using IT and mathematical technique. We have been analyzing NGS-related data in various fields including animals, plants and microorganisms based on sufficient discussion with clients.
  • insilico Lab

    We will share the worries of the lab in the big data era to obtain optimal research results that incorporate bioinformatics. insilico Lab provides you with all the environment you need for your laboratory as your customized bioinformatics partner through consulting of bioinformatics know-how, technology and various solutions obtained from many years of experience.

    BS (Bioinformatics System) Department

    We will build a world of bioinformatics that gives simple but essential answers by adding bioinformatic knowledge with many years of system building experience, systematic process, and best professional manpower. We will lead knowledge informatization that brings information to life.